Service Details: LLC Formation Service

Dominion General Counsel PC’s details (“Service Details”) for the LLC Formation Service are the following:

1. Service. The Service is a Business Service where DGC uses the information provided by Customer: a) to incorporate the Customer’s entity; b) to prepare the entity’s formation documents described below and c) to provide the other benefits described below.

  • Articles of organization prepared and filed with SCC**
  • Operating Agreement (basic, general version)*
  • Member ledger*
  • Preparation of ownership certificate (basic, general version)*
  • Preparation of records index*
  • Preparation of “Next Steps Memo”
  • Annual Registered Agent Service***
  • Access to secure online Client Portal

* Editable MS Word document format (.docx). Customer may edit as needed to meet Customer’s specific needs.
** Non-editable .pdf document format.
*** Applicable if Customer also selects Annual Registered Agent Service. See Service Details.

2. Registered Agent Service. If Customer has also acquired Annual Registered Agent Service as part of the transaction, then the Service Details for Annual Registered Agent Service will also apply. Please review.

3. Fees and Expenses. DGC’s fee and reimbursable expenses to provide the Service are provided on the Website.

4. Name. Customer will provide the proposed name for the entity. Customer acknowledges that the name must comply with the rules of the Virginia State Corporation Commission. The proposed entity name must be distinguishable upon the records of the SCC from the names of all currently active entities. If another company already uses the same or similar entity name or if the proposed entity name is not permitted by the SCC, then DGC will contact Customer so Customer can provide a revised acceptable name. DGC will repeat this process until the SCC approves the Customer’s revised proposed name.

5. Schedule. Upon submission of the Service setup information by Customer and full payment of the Service, DGC will use its reasonable efforts to provide the Service per the following schedule. However, this schedule is an estimate for planning purposes and is not guaranteed.

  • Entity formed within three business days after submission and purchase.
  • Document package provided within three business days after DGC’s receipt of certificate of incorporation from SCC.
  • A business day means Monday through Friday except for any US bank or Virginia state holiday. One business day means 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Exceptions: subject to potential delays identified in Customer Agreement.

6. Customer Agreement. Theses Service Details are incorporated into and made part of the Customer Agreement.


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