Service Details: Registered Agent Service

Dominion General Counsel PC’s details for the Registered Agent Service (“Service Details”) are the following:

1. Service. The Service is a Business Service where:

a. Dominion Registered Agent LLC (“DRA”), a subsidiary of DGC, will serve as the Customer’s Virginia registered agent and office.

b. When DRA receives as Customer’s registered agent an official government communication package, letter, lawsuit papers, document, or other similar official items (“Document Package”), DRA and DGC will promptly scan the Document Package and then will forward the Document Package as a PDF file by email addressed to the Customer’s Primary Contact Person’s last known email address.

c. Per the rules of Virginia law, “The sole duty of the registered agent is to forward to the [entity] . . . at its last known address any process, notice or demand that is served on the registered agent.” Virginia Code § 13.1-1015 (LLCs); § 13.1-634 (stock corporations); § 13.1-833 (non-profit, non-stock corporations).

d. DGC will provide all Document Packages electronically to Customer either, at Customer’s option, by email, through the Client Portal or other mutually agreed means.  DGC is not obligated to send any hard copy of the Documentation Package. However, DGC reserves the right to send hard copies to Customer at Customer’s last known postal address at DGC’s discretion

2. SCC LISTING. Customer’s publicly viewable registered agent information with the Virginia State Corporation Commission will read:

Registered agent:
Dominion Registered Agent LLC

Registered office:
2505 Kensington Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23220
City of Richmond, Virginia

Postal address:
P.O. Box 14568
Richmond, Virginia 23221

3. Fees and Expenses. DGC’s fee and reimbursable expenses to provide the Service are provided on the Website.

4. Billing.

a. For each annual renewal of the Service, DGC will invoice Customer for the applicable renewal service fee thirty (30) days prior to end of the current annual period with payment due in full 10 business days prior to the start of the new renewal period.

b. If Customer has agreed to automatic annual billing and unless Customer has requested termination of the Service, then DGC may charge the Customer credit card for the applicable renewal service fee 10 business days prior to the beginning of the new renewal period.

c. If Customer fails to pay the renewal service fee prior to the due date, then Customer agrees to replace DRA as the registered agent as described below under New Appointment.

5. Schedule. Upon submission of the Service setup information by Customer and full payment of the Service, DGC will use its reasonable efforts to provide the Service per the following schedule. However, this schedule is an estimate for planning purposes and is not guaranteed.

  • DGC will submit the registered agent appointment form to the SCC within three business days after submission and purchase.
  • Upon receipt of each document package, DGC will scan and forward the package by email within three business days after DGC’s receipt.
  • A business day means Monday through Friday except for any US bank or Virginia state holiday. One business day means 24 hours from the time of purchase.

6. Termination. Customer may terminate the Service and designate a new registered agent at any time by: a) changing the registered agent name and office address in the records of the SCC and b) sending written notice to DRA of the termination. Customer is not deemed to have terminated the Service until these two steps are completed. Customer is not entitled to a refund any of fees once the annual period begins.

7. New Appointment.

a. If Customer chooses not to renew the Annual Registered Agent Service or fails to timely pay for the renewal service fee, then Customer must replace DRA’s name and office address as Customer’s registered agent and office in the records of the State Corporation Commission prior to the end of the current annual period.

b. If Customer fails to timely notify the SCC of Customer’s new registered agent, then DRA will file need to file paperwork with the SCC to remove DRA’s name and office. If DRA is forced to file this paperwork, then Customer agrees to pay DGC an “administrative registered agent change fee” of $45 with payment due upon invoice receipt.

8. Breach. If DRA or DGC is forced to pursue legal action to enforce any material provision of the Customer Agreement, then DRA and DGC are entitled to recover from Customer their reasonable enforcement costs, collection costs, court costs and attorney fees incurred to successfully enforce the Customer Agreement.

9. Customer Agreement. Theses Service Details are incorporated into and made part of the Customer Agreement.