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A Guide for Protecting Proprietary Information - ANNEX B

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A Guide for Protecting Proprietary Information
II. Impact of Disclosure
III. Examples of Confidential Information
IV. Policies & Rules
IV. Policies & Rules (cont.)
V. Executing Non-Disclosure Agreements
VI. Post Contract Debriefing
VII. Compliance Auditing
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Annex B 


I, the below referenced staff member, certify that I have returned to _______________ (“Company”) all Company confidential information including, but not limited to, reports, databases, files (both hard copy and electronic), plans, strategies, software, Customer lists, pricing data, Customer information, and all other materials which either belong to Company, Company Customer, or a Company partner of a secret or confidential nature relating to Company's business which was in my possession or under my control.I am aware of my signed confidentiality agreement with Company that prohibits me from using or divulging at any time, both prior to termination and following termination, any secret or confidential information of Company without Company's written consent. 


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