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A Guide for Protecting Proprietary Information - III. Examples of Confidential Information

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A Guide for Protecting Proprietary Information
II. Impact of Disclosure
III. Examples of Confidential Information
IV. Policies & Rules
IV. Policies & Rules (cont.)
V. Executing Non-Disclosure Agreements
VI. Post Contract Debriefing
VII. Compliance Auditing
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 The confidential information covers many types of information.  Generally, confidential information includes any secret information that gives the Company a competitive advantage.

If a staff member is unable to determine whether information is confidential, the staff member should assume the item is confidential until otherwise confirmed by Company management.  Examples of confidential information might include:

  • Company information marked "Confidential".
  • Company customer targets and proposals.
  • Software application designs and specifications.
  • Details contained in signed contracts.
  • The dimensions, staff numbers and resources located in an office location.
  • Project status updates and reports.
  • Business plans.
  • Company databases.
  • Company pricing programs.
  • Company strategic plans.
  • Company financial records.
  • Employee files, compensation and benefits.
  • Company research and development projects.
  • Company marketing strategies and programs.
  • Company's new customer targets.
  • Company's new business development initiatives.
  • Company reports and analysis.
  • Contract and negotiation strategies.
  • Company processes, techniques and systems used or considered for use.
  • Hardware, software, and database passwords.
  • Software code created for a Customer.
  • Customer information (and any third party items) marked as "Confidential".
  • Customer systems and databases.
  • Customer business, financial and sales data. 

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